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Having a professional family portrait done can really take us back, to where we've been, how far we've come and God willing, how much we have grown and changed...

~ Deborah Michael

Photo © Deborah Michael

I love to show my work on a large scale. I feel smaller pieces don't do the work justice! My photographs are clean with a magazine feel; alive and intensely intimate.

~ Deborah Michael

Photo © Deborah Michael

When I look back at the road I've traveled

I am blown away by the twists and turns of life and how it affords us the opportunity to grow and change. I am reminded, quite dramatically of the things we cherish and yet somehow take for granted. Life is Beautiful!

~ Deborah Michael

Photo © Deborah Michael


I SHOOT VERY DIFFERENTLY THAN MOST PHOTOGRAPHERS. I don't shoot quickly, frame after frame, hoping to catch something on film. Instead, I study you through my lens and wait for you to let me in... I capture true beauty by allowing your Spirit to shine through.

QUALITY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY IS MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER BEFORE. Years from now people are going to be searching through endless meaningless digital photos hunting for a beautiful portrait that truly captures who a person is. And that is what I have always done!

  • Couples and Family Portraits

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  • Maternity, Motherhood, and Pregnancy Photos

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  • Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

    Corporate and Professional Headshots

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Design Work

My clients hire me for my vision, talent and style, jobs ranging from a simple makeover or fine tuning of a room- to a full remodel and working with you on all aspects of your life!

Ask yourself- what does my space feel like? And what do I want it to say? I will help you release your fears, clear your clutter, shift your energy, freshen your look, capture your Spirit and create a space that nourishes your soul...

  • Interior Design

  • Refinishing Work

  • Renovations

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