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Portrait of a beautiful girl looking down and smiliing
Deborah Michael can help you shift your energy and change your life!
Self-Portrait- Deborah Michael shooting on location.

I am a Photographer, Interior Designer, and a Catalyst for Change- Creating Beauty at every turn.  Clients hire me for my vision, talent and style-  Jobs range from a simple portrait or fine tuning of a room-  to a full remodel and working with you on all aspects of your life!  I will help you release your fears, clear your clutter, shift your energy, freshen your look, capture your Spirit and create a space that nourishes your soul…   ♥  Deborah Michael

a r t i s t ‘ s   s t a t e m e n t

beautiful blonde girl smiling
My Distinctive Photographic Style has Always Been Pure, My Talent is KNOWING how to Capture YOU!

I believe  if we desire to live a truly extraordinary life, our outer lives must reflect our true essence. We need to live consciously­ speak our truth, live in love and pursue whatever brings us joy.

I see beauty wherever I look and have a talent for revealing beauty in the lives of others. I put my heart and soul into my photography and design work­ resulting in a profound effect on my clients. 

I love living in the moment, driving Old Blue, trusting in God, capturing photographs, believing the best, walking the beach, knocking down walls and the beginning of summer… 

I fear I just might get everything I have ever dreamt of…   🙂   L i f e   i s   G o o d  

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