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Ask yourself - what does my space feel like? And, what do I want it to say? I will help you release your fears, clear your clutter, shift your energy, freshen your look, capture your Spirit and create a space that is YOU and nourishes your soul...


I use this term to describe how I "age" your furniture to add to the beauty and unique character of the piece. The antiquing process has five components; sanding, paint/stain, highlighting, distressing and finishing.

It can range from very subtle to very visible and helps to create the custom look of your furniture. Painting & Highlighting refers to the process of varying the color of the paint & stain, often in areas where you would expect "wear" from years of loving use. Highlighting adds to the variation of color and gives "life" to each piece.

Distressing is the art of aging your furniture. It can include scratches, transparent areas (where paint would be thin from high wear) and even splatters of paint or water, all elements consistently seen in antiques.

Light Antiquing - Very light sanding & hand painted brush work with minimal highlighting and very light distressing used to create a consistently uniform look to the piece.

Medium Antiquing - Sanding and painting is visible and highlighting and distressing is apparent, but subtle.

Heavy Antiquing - The piece is selected for its natural imperfections. Highlighting is heavy to make the piece appear worn and well-loved. Distressing may include scratches and splatters- there will be an apparent body to the paint (more layers and texture) but although the finish looks rough it feels like silk to the touch! That is the magic of my Signature Heritage Finish!


For a client prone to depression the fix was simple to see! Cleaning, Decluttering and Replacing the Tired Flooring with a water themed acid stained concrete floor in addition to letting the sun shine in gave her a new lease on life and uplifted everyone who entered her home.


Believe it or not this is the same home- I was inspired to transform this boring condo into a magical space! Opening up walls is one of my favorite things...

Wall knockout, stripped railing and incorporated vintage iron work into railing. For its imperfections I chose "utility oak" for flooring throughout and I up-leveled this look by using my signature Heirloom Finish- which achieved the true look, feel and sound of walking on 100 year old floors. Installing on the diagonal created a feeling of spaciousness.

I opened up the kitchen window and added a breakfast bar with a 4 inch thick concrete countertop- an old piece of reclaimed wood performs as a backsplash- adding both privacy, warmth and history- Form and Function throughout!

A playground swing hangs in the living room for added whimsy.

To quote the new home owner as she crossed over the threshold... "I wouldn't care if I had to live in the middle of the Sahara Desert with dung beetles... I HAVE TO LIVE HERE!"



Hand painted and sanded wood floors were laid on the diagonal for a feeling of spaciousness. Turned a closet into a sleeping nook for guests with storage drawers underneath. Opened up kitchen window and added a breakfast bar with concrete countertop. A playground swing hangs in the living room for added whimsy!


This forgotten guesthouse in the shadow of Camelback mountain was in desperate need of an update. I replaced the small window with a wall of red french doors leading out to a 12x12 wood deck and garden. ripped out the carpet and black & white vinyl flooring and polished the natural concrete slab. Removed all the drywall and exposed the natural gray concrete block. Covered this little oasis inside and out with plants and fountains. Truly an oasis in the desert!


What a difference a day can make! Choosing black was a gutsy move- but I knew it would make the granite come alive! Hand distressed black cabinets finished with a walnut stain- added high style and drama to this previously average kitchen. Are you hosting a party? Is your house a wreck? Call Deborah Michael, she will make it RIGHT- OVERNIGHT!!!


I turned this standard condo entry into a peaceful sanctuary starting with removing the rocks and building a deck to cover the concrete and dirt- laid on a diagonal and hand painted and distressed with a light green porch and floor paint and sealed for durability.

A custom fountain and coy pond (with fish) was created-for lovely sights and sounds.

Including two fun & colorful umbrellas added to the playfulness of this outdoor space.

Lining the patio ledges with unique pottery overflowing with plants and flowers achieved a true feeling of luxurious privacy!


Goodbye 1980. I love using unique furniture pieces for sinks! So special. Look at all the texture! I used my Signature Heirloom Finish (in butter) for the sink.

For flooring I chose "utility oak" for its imperfections and installed on a diagonal. I used my Signature Heirloom Finish (in leaf) for the floors- which achieved the true look, feel and sound of walking on 100 year old floors. LOVE.

An old window was equipped with mirrors and shelves for its new home as an extra large medicine cabinet. Vintage chippy shutters really sets the room off.


Too Much Wood! The floors, doors and cabinets were all the same color-and as a result the appliances, counters and backsplash stuck out in an unfortunate way. I wanted the kitchen to feel warm and cozy in this 1950's cottage- I grounded the room by painting the lower cabinets a dark grey and removed visual clutter by finishing the backsplash and upper cabinets in cream. Swapping the cabinet above the fridge with a bigger one added to the quiet confidence of this kitchen. I'll never get over the miraculous power of paint!


I wanted to give this little 1958 treasure the presence it deserved. The dilapidated porch had to be torn down and redesigned. Bushes removed-foundation exposed and painted charcoal grey. Antiqued Cedar posts, floors and stairs made sense for this historic home, shutters and a window box were added for a little extra charm. I designed the porch with a cathedral ceiling which added drama, spaciousness and always fetched a GASP! :)


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