stevie2I believe we are in constant renewal-  sadly most of us are creating the same reality over and over by unconsciously making the same choices and reliving them for the rest of our lives.

I think we need to check in with ourselves, and ask, is this still appropriate for me today?  We have to release the old to make room for the new in our lives.  So many of us cling to things that no longer hold any meaning, or worse, hold negative feelings.  We should look at the people, activities and things in our lives- and ask ourselves-  does this truly bring me joy?  Or is it draining me??   Then boldly make the change if it is necessary, and wait for the new to flow in!  This is how I approach my life-  It is my inherent nature…

 Positive affirmation card: I love life!
Think Positive! Life is Good! 🙂

I am very sensitive to energy- you know that feeling, you walk into a home or business, and instantly it feels wonderful or neutral or bad, or chaotic- or any other human emotion…  that feeling could come from the layout, the items, the color, smell, the people, or even something that has recently taken place there.  All of these areas need to be addressed-  You need to ask yourself what does my space feel like?  And what do I want it to say?

My work is mostly done by feel.  I create spaces that nourish your soul.

Just by releasing what is no longer working for you, shifting what is left, adding a few special new elements, and clearing the space of any negative energy- you’ll be amazed at how different your space feels.

Artist measuring and hanging her exhibition
Photographer Hanging her Photo Exhibition “Sunday Drive” at Cafe 976, Pacific Beach, CA. 2014

My clients hire me for my vision, talent and style-  Jobs range from a simple portrait or fine tuning of a room-

 to a full remodel and working on all aspects of your life!   I put my heart and soul into my photography and design work resulting in a profound effect on my clients…

Thank you so much for your interest in my work…  I love what I do!  Creating beauty is my purpose, and I am thankful for an opportunity to share my gifts with you.



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