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I shoot very differently than most photographers. 

I don’t shoot quickly, frame after frame, hoping to catch something on film.  Instead, I study you through my lens and wait for you to let me in…  I capture true beauty by allowing your Spirit to shine through.

I love to show my work on a large scale- I feel smaller pieces don’t do the work justice!  My photographs are clean with a magazine feel;  alive and intensely intimate.  My distinctive style is a product of a fine art education from Columbia College of Chicago.  Upon graduation, I moved to Arizona, fell in love with her endless blue skies and opened my first photography studio in 1991.


Design has always been a natural outlet for me, in fact, before finding Columbia, I almost went to Harrington College of Design!  Now so many years later I am forever grateful that I didn’t choose an education in design-

because I am afraid it might have limited my vision-  my interior design isn’t at all formulaic- instead it is truly inspired!debhouse

I have difficulty explaining what I do- I JUST DO IT!!!   I have always been way ahead of the curve…   It may look off the wall at first, but it always comes together and has a profound effect on my clients and years down the road my “crazy ideas” suddenly come into vogue!

My clients hire me for my vision, talent and style- 

Jobs range from a simple makeover or fine tuning of a room-  to a full remodel and working on all aspects of your life!

Thank you so much for your interest in my work…I love what I do!  Life is Good.  🙂

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“Thank you so much for these beautiful photographs. They are treasures! You are so talented and have such a gift! Thanks again for your time, energy, and creativity! I can’t wait to hang them!”

Deborah Masters- Orange County, CA

“Thank YOU!!  Just saying that we’re ‘pleased’ with our wedding pictures is an understatement–we LOVE ’em! You worked your special Deborah Michael-MAGIC, letting the inner-glow from our hearts show on our faces. You captured the twinkle in our eyes and the feelings behind our smiles. You saw not just us, but ourSELVES ! Your camera laughed when we laughed. You made me look as beautiful on the outside as I felt inside. Once again, photo-kudos to you Deborah, and thank you!”

Bets-Phoenix, AZ

“Deborah Michael is my “go to” beauty guide. I am slightly handicapped in the aesthetic department, so when I want guidance I know I can trust, I always go to her. One morning, I was complaining about my disappearing eyebrows. The next thing I know, Deborah is showing me the best way to style my hair, shape my eyebrows, and apply makeup to show my best self. She is very “hands on”, so she demonstrated exactly what products to use and how to use them. She considers her clients’ habits and resources in her recommendations as well. Knowing that I am unwilling to spend much time on getting ready to go out, she showed me how to quickly give myself a finished, fresh look instead of my “rolling out of bed” or “going to the gym” looks I had previously. Thank you, Deborah!

There was a character named Fernando Lamas in Saturday Night Live who would say, “I would rather look good than to feel good.” Well, with Deborah Michael, you can have both! It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself traditional, trendy, or eclectic, you will be thrilled with Deborah Michael’s transformations because she has an innate sense of style and aesthetics that transcend fashion. When she experiences a person or a space, she immediately sees its potential and begins to visualize how it can be improved. She contributes all of her gifts including make-overs, decorating, redecorating, photography, refinishing furniture, painting, etc. to create an effect that is beautiful, functional, and has fabulous energy. In the words of Fernando, after you enlist the help of Deborah Michael to beautify you or your living or working space, people will say “You look marvelous!” And you can be confident that it is true!” 

Lori- Portage, MI

“I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to do the shoot for Angela and Stormy.  Angela told me that she could not be happier with the portrait.  It is phenomenal.  Your work is incredible and I am very thankful that we found you and you were willing to do the shoot for us.  We look forward to finding a reason to have you do some more photography for us in the future.”

Thanks again,

Ian Feldman, Scottsdale AZ

“Deborah!  Thank you for all the amazing work you have done in our home!  I want to share with you a recommendation I have sent to a colleague who asked if I knew of anyone who designs with originality and heart!  My best to you always!”  Tina, Miami Beach, FL

 “I contacted Deborah Michael to do the finishing touches in my home – I say this lightly because she did an amazing amount of work to make my home beautiful!  I had worked with Deborah before because I have used her to photograph my family at different times and was aware how incredibly talented she is.  I had seen some truly astounding outcomes of her remodel/design work and knew she was the person to hire.  I had worked very hard repainting some walls, painting some furniture, etc. to try and pull my design idea together, but always seemed to fall short.  It was very frustrating and time consuming!  She has the unique ability to immediately see what to change, add or subtract, to make the rooms feel complete.  She is very detailed and uses this to make subtle (and not so subtle!) changes to make a room not only look fabulous, but really feel  fabulous.  Her energy is contagious and working with her was pure delight!  I recommend Deborah Michael because she really has a gift of reimagining our spaces and then actually make it happen!”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the photo you took of me. I look so beautiful. The way I like to think I look. Whenever I have my photo taken, I look terrible. I do not like to have my picture taken. You have this wonderful talent of capturing the beauty from your clients and putting it in the photo. Thank you so much for more than a beautiful photo!”

Sam- Phoenix, AZ

“Deborah I do not write testimonials but when Bev showed me the fruits of your labor, I was overwhelmed. Your talent is amazing, and we will treasure what you have produced for us.  Thank you for the magnificent family photo.”

Charles Tober- Scottsdale, AZ

“I want to thank you for capturing Ella, Karen, John and Maddy in such a wonderful picture. Joe and I were thrilled with your creative talent in capturing them all in such a perfect picture! Thanks, thanks, thanks so much because every time I look at the picture I feel so good inside.”

Rosanne McDade- Cave Creek, AZ

“Deborah, I just wanted to say what a delight you are to be around! Sam and I could not have been happier with the experience and she is so exited to get her pictures and show her friends. That is all she talked about the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday! I think you have a fan. She showed all of her friends your website and dvd.

 And personally, I just wanted to say what a great, strong woman you are! To be so fabulous while going through a divorce is quite a testament to who you are. I really enjoyed the whole process and I didn’t even cry!!

 After going through an experience in life and feeling better at the end of the process than you did in the beginning means it was the right choice and I truly felt that way when we left. Thank you for sharing such an important time in our lives with us!”

Sincerely,  Michelle Michaud & Sam- Mesa, AZ

“Deborah, I just hope your ears have been wiggling wildly with joy as they have felt the warm compliments you have received about your photography work.  Karly and I have received no less then 100 to maybe 125 compliments on your work.  Thank you for all you are and what you create others  to be.  We truly believe you are the greatest living artist.  Thank you…” 

Namaste.  The Keeley Family- Scottsdale, AZ


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  • 2013 CAFE 976, Pacific Beach, CA- Solo Photography Exhibition “Sunday Drive”
  • 2009-­2011 Pita Jungle, AZ- Solo Photography Exhibition “Large Scale Portraits”­ rotating exhibit at each of Pita Jungle’s 9 Arizona locations
  • 1994 AZ88, Scottsdale, AZ  Solo Photography Exhibition­ “Fine-­Art Nudes” BW 20X24 Prints
  • 1989 2nd Place Winner­ Three Arts Club, Chicago­ 30X40 BW Graphic Arts Piece on exhibit, Sears Tower

Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes — I hope you are moved by the work that I’m doing. Got something for me? Get in touch.

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